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The times are hard on the front. No significant changes have been gained, and the price is high. In this situation the army command decided to put more effort into the air. Large airfleets are established and sent to destroy as many enemy bunkers as possible. Too bad the enemy has had a similar idea, and soon the no man's land between the front lines is scattered with destroyes airplanes.

You are one of the many voluntary pilots and after your training you reach the front with enthusiasm and energy, only to realize that the heroic propaganda is worth nothing. No matter on which side you fight, be it blue or red, it's all the same: get airborne, destroy as much enemy material as possible and, most important, try to survive. Way to often young pilots fail. And now it's your turn.

Welcome to "Sky of Verdun 3d". "Sky of Verdun" is a multiplayer dogfight game where two teams fight agains each other. It's a simple game. You control your aircraft and shoot down enemy planes. The clients are written in HTML5 / JavaScript (WebClient) and in C++ (Windows native client), the server is written in JavaScript as well. The package contains everything needed to get a server up and running under Windows, node.js and all necessary modules. Users with other operating systems have to install that manually.

You can test the plane using the Sky of Verdun 3d Trainer. The physics simulation runs in the browser, and it's not a multiplayer version. You can get used to the flying behaviour of the game with the trainer. You can also check the manual online.

The planes
Triplane Blue The triplane.
  • agility: great
  • speed: bad
The best fighter available, but it lacks precision. It needs a skilled pilot to tap it's full potential
Biplane Blue The biplane.
  • agility: good
  • speed: good
A good plane. Experienced pilots can win dogfights against triplanes, less experienced players can simply fly away.
Monoplane Blue The monoplane.
  • agility: bad
  • speed: great
The fastest plane. Best choice for those who want to attack enemy bunkers. Neither the biplane nor the triplane have a chance when it comes to speed, but you need a bad pilot as enemy if you want to win a dogfight with this plane.

A battle takes 15 minutes. The players get a score indicating their success in the battle. If you shoot down an enemy plane you get one point, if you shoot down a plane of your fraction you lose one. Destroying an enemy bunker gives you 2 points, destroy an bunker of your own any you'll lose 2 points. There are also hospitals near the bunker, if you destroy one you'll lose 3 points, no matter which side the hospital did belong to.

  Destroyed by blue Destroyed by red
blue bunker -2 +2
red bunker +2 -2
cannon +2 (-2 for friendly cannon) +2 (-2 for friendly cannon)
hospital -3 (+ lose all medals) -3 (+ lose all medals)
red plane +3 -3
blue plane -3 +3
building +1 (-1 for friendly building) +1 (-1 for friendly building)
depot +1 (-1 for friendly depot) +1 (-1 for friendly depot)

Depending on your performance during the battle you can also achiev some medals, most of which give a bonus to you and your team after the battle has ended:

ace medal ace medal Ace Medal A score between 10 and 19 points (without bonus) 0
double ace medal double ace medal Double Ace Medal A score between 20 and 29 points (without bonus) 0
triple ace medal triple ace medal Triple Ace Medal A score of at least 30 points (without bonus) 0
sniper medal Sniper Medal Excellent hits/shot ratio +2
air scourge medal Air Scourge Medal 3 or more kills without being shot down +2
ground scourge medal Ground Scourge Medal 10 or more enemy ground targets destroyed +2
bunker buster medal Bunker Buster Medal 4 or more enemy bunkers destroyed +2
cannon buster medal Cannon Buster Medal 4 or more enemy cannons destroyed +2
monoplane ace medal Monoplane Ace Medal 7 or more enemy targets (ground or air) destroyed with a monoplane without being shot down +2
biplane ace medal Biplane Ace Medal 7 or more enemy targets (ground or air) destroyed with a biplane without being shot down +2
triplane ace medal Triplane Ace Medal 7 or more enemy targets (ground or air) destroyed with a triplane without being shot down +2
monoplane doom medal Monoplane Doom Medal Destroyed at least 5 enemy monoplanes during a battle +2
biplane doom medal Biplane Doom Medal Destroyed at least 5 enemy biplanes during a battle +2
triplane doom medal Triplane Doom Medal Destroyed at least 5 enemy triplanes during a battle +2

These are the default controls. The controls of the native Windows client can be adjusted at startup.

Default Controls
PitchCursor Up / Down
RollCursor Left / Right
YawA / D
PowerW / S
Camera ModeC

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